Chinese investors in Dubai

Dubai has set ambitious targets to attract at least AED1 billion ($ 270 million) worth of property investment from China by 2019.

Dubai Land Department (DLD) expressed its intention to increase marketing activities in China, after opening two representative offices in China in the past two years, with plans to open another office in the industrial city of Shenzhen in the next 12 months with Ready to Move In Properties in Dubai.

DLD confirmed that it has received more than 800 inquiries from Chinese investors since establishing an investment unit and special Chinese promotion in November 2017.

Speaking to reporters in Dubai, Majida Ali Rashed, chief executive of the DLD Investment and Promotion and Management Real Estate Sector, said China was one of the department’s main targets for investment growth in Villas for sale in Dubai.

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«We are targeting expansion [of our presence] in China this year, due to the results of our recent efforts with a high level of investment after we opened offices in Beijing and Shanghai,» he explained.

Chinese investors are ranked in the top four countries in terms of value in 2018, along with Indians, British and Pakistanis invest in Commercial Properties for sale in Dubai.

Chinese tourist arrivals to Dubai have also increased, with more than 857,000 visitors in 2018, up from 764,000 in 2017, representing a 12 percent year-on-year increase.

China ranks as Dubai’s fourth most important source of visitor markets, behind India, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom to Invest in Office Spaces in Dubai.

This trend continues in 2019, with the arrival of Chinese visitors reaching 100,000 in January alone, marking a 25 percent year-on-year increase.

The surge in Chinese tourists has been linked to several initiatives including destination marketing campaigns and the signing of a number of landmark agreements with major Chinese technology companies and travel operators. The UAE government’s decision to grant a Chinese citizen visa on arrival has also increased arrivals.