Do escorts need lubricants?

The use of intimate lubricants is a practice that has spread over the years. Every time people are interested in the list of priority elements, and there are more places that offer them to the public naturally (supermarkets, pharmacies, sex shops, health food stores), and they are not precisely because they are a fashionable subject, Because people and their genital area as an important area, which require care, attention and affection are also many other parts of the body.

As sexuality is conceived as a fundamental dimension of the human being and the pleasure that is recognized as the right, positive attitudes that lead to the acquisition of healthy habits on the subject of sexuality will be increased, in this case the use of lubricants.

Vaginal lubrication is a physiological response that occurs in the phase of sexual arousal, due to genital congestion caused by the influx of blood in the pelvic area. The fluids that accompany the excitement protect the mucous membrane of the vulva and the vagina, allowing the contact, both of the fingers, toys and penis, to not damage such a delicate part.

One of its functions is to take care of the vaginal area of ​​infections, but it also has the function of facilitating sexual practices such as masturbation, games with and penetration, reduction of friction in the genital area.

Occasionally, due to different circumstances, physiological lubrication is not enough and this is a serious problem for many people, because the discomfort that accompanies the lack of lubrication prevents them from enjoying sexual stimulation. This suffering is lived in secret and, in several cases, resorted to home remedies such as Vaseline, oil, even saliva. Fortunately, today sexual pleasure is considered a right and the response to needs arise from different sectors. The chemical and pharmaceutical industry, aware of the need to obtain products that allow vaginal fluids and allows the area to remain lubricated.

Source: Putas Barcelona

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